I stayed in Apartment 2 during the 2008-2009 academic year. The apartment was completely furnished, comfortable in all aspects, and really nice. The landlords are very helpful, easy-going, friendly people, and actually fun to chat around with. The location is great: it's a safe and quiet neighborhood, 5-10 minutes walk from Harvard Yard and Harvard Square. Perfect for researchers/students that want to stay close to Harvard. All-in-all, highly recommendable.
M.W., Visiting Harvard Scholar - Stockholm, Sweden

My residence in the garden-level studio was a very positive experience. I arrived in the States with nothing more than two suitcases. Being able to move into an apartment that was fully furnished – including towels, blankets, cooking utilities, laundry facilities, internet access and even soap – was absolutely perfect for my situation. The apartment has beautiful wooden furniture, was very clean and nicely decorated. Because of this I felt at home quickly in my new place of stay.

Furthermore, the location of the studio is great. The neighborhood is quiet, safe, walking distance from Harvard Square and very near both the commuter rail and the T.

The interaction with the Landlords further contributed to my pleasant memories of the studio. The Landlords were genuinely interested in contribution to an optimal stay, both in their role as Landlords as well as on a personal level. They were always available for questions or advice, they are very conscientious about maintenance issues in and around the apartment, and they are awesome discussion partners on a wide variety of topics. I am grateful that I got to know these two wonderful persons.

I would recommend this apartment without reservation to every person who is looking for a furnished apartment in Cambridge.
F.S., Financial Engineer – The Netherlands


My time in the apartment was really wonderful. It was ideal for me during my sabbatical, the best year of my life. The place was perfect. It had everything I needed. In fact, when my colleague learned that he was to be a fellow for the coming year and would also be coming to Cambridge, I made the connection for him to my landlord. Ultimately, he chose to live here as well. If I can arrange to come back to the U.S. for another sabbatical year I intend to stay here again.
J.W., Visiting Professor, Harvard – Berlin, Germany

This apartment is a perfectly furnished one, all you have to bring into this
apartment is a trunk with your clothes. Not only furniture but also towels,
sheets, blankets, etc. are ready to use. One of the advantages of this
apartment is that “all” utilities, not only heat and hot water, but also
electricity, internet, and washer and dryer are included. Another advantage
is the neighborhood. This apartment is located in Harvard Agassiz and it is
a very quiet and safe area. The landlord is kind, respectful of privacy, and helpful in case of emergencies. I love this apartment and recommend it highly for someone who
works at Harvard.
H.I., Harvard Postdoctoral Researcher – Tokyo, Japan

After spending almost a full year at the house, residing in the turret apartment, I can only reflect on the extremely positive experience. I have a family that I had to leave behind for the year, but living in the house was the next best thing to living in my own home.

Upon my arrival, my first impression was the website provided full truth in advertising, it captured the warm and open feeling of the apartment and its surroundings exceptionally well. The house is also extremely well situated, facilitating my studies at Harvard, as well as being well located to the T (the underground) enhancing travel in and around the Boston metropolitan area.

[The landlords] have served more as hosts and friends than landlords. If I have the opportunity to return to Cambridge in the future, the first place I will look to return is right here.

D.H., Visiting Fellow - Colorado Springs, Colorado

I was a Visiting Professor and rented apartment #3. The apartment is convenient to Harvard, a walk of about 6-7 blocks for me. The apartment is easy to move into — everything you need is provided. The only thing I found missing was a pair of scissors. Just bring your clothes and move in. There are a lot of stores and restaurants nearby on Mass Avenue. Air conditioned in September when hot and warm, heated in the winter – a comfortable place to live.
Y.R., Visiting Professor - New York
How time flies. I wish to use this opportunity to express my gratitude for your assistance in rapidly settling into the community, including taking me around the neighborhood in your car in a familiarization tour. Thank you for providing us with ideas and area maps when my kids visited for Spring Break.

In all, I found the facilities very functional, the apartment cozy and very suitable to my needs. You certainly did a good job of responding to "landlord" calls for routine attention to facilities, although such calls were indeed limited.

I hope that we shall meet again in the future. My very best to you.
M.A., Visiting Harvard Scholar - South Africa
After the first airline employee told me that I had missed the last flight out for the day, I found another one who creatively found a way home for me yesterday by routing me through Cleveland.

Now that I’m back and have settled in, I thought that I should tell you that I really enjoyed staying at your place these past months. The windows in my room gave me a really good view. When I first got there I was awed by watching the snow fall. Later, it became a daily fascination to watch the development of the flowers and then the leaves on the trees. As I watched the coming of spring in Cambridge, it seemed to follow long-understood ideas about spring. Maybe that’s because we read northern literature in Texas. Whatever the case, I liked the windows in my room.

I was thrilled at the prospect of being able to study in graduate school at Harvard. Living in your beautiful house on such a picturesque street completed the pleasant experience for me. It was so nice to arrive and have every thing furnished in the room for me. You were really good about getting me oriented when I got there, and later answering questions from time to time. You have such a comfortable house, and it is quiet and easily walkable to campus, subway, and shopping areas, which was exactly what I needed.

Because everything I needed to get to was within walking distance, I even thought in terms of Texas being within walking distance because I could walk to the subway and thereby, with the help of the airport shuttle bus, get to the airport. That convenience, coupled with your kindness in providing linens, dishes, kitchen utensils, and information led me to the concept of carefree and carless in Cambridge. Would “carefree and carless in Cambridge” make a good title for anything? Rock group? Epic poem? Surrealistic painting? Tourist guide?

You all have been great landlords. Come see me in Texas sometime.
Thanks again for everything.
C.D., Graduate Student - Austin, Texas
Let's see, my experience in Apt. 3 . . . The location was excellent: a quiet residential street just steps from shopping, a wide variety of restaurants, the gym, and the T. The apartment had all the amenities I required including a washer/dryer and had a lovely view from the living room over a small park. The owners were not only good landlords (helpful, looking to make improvements), but I enjoyed our conversations. I remember us sitting together on Halloween night, eating candy and waiting for trick-or-treaters.
L.B., Executive, H.B.S. alumna - United Kingdom
Apt. 3 was great to me. I showed up with clothes and my survival kit (for me that was my computer, dvd player and video games) and that was all I needed. My first day the landlords were kind enough to take me around town and help me get my bearings. They even drove me to where I was going to be working and helped me figure out the best bus route to get there and back each day...I could not have asked any more kindness on their part.

And the apartment itself was great too. Plenty of room, lots of light through the various sky-lights during the day and located such that I felt safe and secure every night. I was located within a 7 minute walk to a grocery store, 5 minute walk to the T and even closer to various shops, restaurants and bus lines. Not to mention that it is located in a place that gives you great access to great places to run, be it through town or along the river.

My experience in Cambridge and Apt. 3 was great and one that I will never forget. It sure was made easier with my gracious landlords and the convenience of having everything already there that I would need. From the occasional fresh peach from Georgia, to talking baseball I always felt right at home. Now all I need to do is get into Harvard Law so that I can relive some of those experiences.

Anyway, glad to help out and best of luck with the whole thing, and just as an FYI I really meant everything that I just said. Thanks so much to both of you for taking in a 20 year old Texan and helping him have the time of his life.
E.M., Rice University - Texas
We were visiting scholars at Harvard and rented apartment #3. The apartment is very comfortable and nice and there is plenty of room. Everything we needed was provided (the only thing we found missing was an iron). The owners did a very good job of "landlording".

The location is excellent: a safe, quiet residential street, just steps from everything you need (shops, restaurants, T subway station, Harvard campus). We really enjoyed the TV set with video tape player.

We spent very good days, feeling like at home. We will remember our staying with nostalgia.

Hoping to be here again, thank you very much.
U.M. and A.D., Visiting Harvard Scholars - Turin, Italy

P.S. We just received confirmation of invitation to Harvard next year. We would like to rent the apartment again for our return. Please let us know if it is possible and how to book it.
We are finally recovering from the refurbishing of our house in Turin.
However, we have not forgotten how pleasant was our second successive stay in your apartment in Cambridge.

Coming back to the apartment was just as coming back home. Everything was provided and the landlords were once again very friendly, kind and helpful. As our work will keep us in Italy, we will miss not to be there next year.
U.M. and A.D., Visiting Harvard Scholars - Turin, Italy
I want to send a word of thanks for a comfortable, safe, and easy stay in apt. 3.

Sitting under the study skylight was my favorite spot, and I appreciated both the washer and dryer and the TV/VCR. The easy walk to a wide variety of restaurants, the grocery store, and the "T" made the location ideal. Tastefully decorated and full of sunlight, the apartment is one I would love to return to, should I receive another grant!

Many thanks to the landlords for their courtesy and help.

M.S., Asst. Prof. of English - St. Louis, Missouri
We are pleased to recommend the apartment to others. My wife and I loved
both the apartment and the environment. We found having the laundry within
the apartment to be especially convenient. We enjoyed our time here very
much. Thank you.
H. and T. T., Banking Executive - Yokohama, Japan
The past summer marked my first summer in Boston, and my start as a graduate student at Harvard University. Needless to say, it was a rather unnerving transitional period, but my experience in the Garden Level Studio apartment definitely helped to ease me into my new life.

The rent is conveniently comprehensive, including in it all utilities and an astounding plethora of convenient amenities. Quite literally, all I really needed to bring with me were my books and my clothing. It made the act of moving in extremely simple, and facilitated my transition into graduate life by avoiding the period of tedious supply shopping and apartment arranging usually associated with moving.

The kitchen is well-stocked with both an assortment of useful appliances (microwave, microwave oven, stove, oven, mini-fridge, etc.) and all the essential utensils required for cooking. The comfortable wooden table made for a pleasant environment for preparing food, eating, and studying.

Equally impressive is the living room, both well-equipped and nicely decorated. The sofa-bed proved to be relatively cozy, and the apartment includes with it all the necessary bedding. All of the furniture was well constructed from aesthetically pleasing wood. Additionally, a small stereo and television (with cable) provided a convenient source of entertainment.

The apartment as a whole is extremely well (if not excessively!) illuminated. The air conditioning, which proved to be a necessity in the summer, worked beautifully. Storage space was ample as well, with regards to the closet, dressers, and bookshelf.

The bathroom was also nicely designed and convenient to use; it was
impeccably cleaned when I moved in (as was the rest of the apartment) and served all of my needs well.

With regards to location, the apartment also fares well. A laundromat is only half-block away, and a grocery store is just down the street. Also within a very short distance were a great Mexican eatery, a nice Chinese restaurant, a pharmacy, and a Fleet ATM. My department (my source of employment) was a short walk away, which made commuting a cinch. The beautiful district of Harvard Square is very close by, and the proximity of both Harvard and Porter Square T stops makes the entire city of Boston accessible without the needless expense of a car.

The neighborhood itself is beautiful, with a quaint, European feel. It is extremely well cultured, with an interesting array of shops and restaurants to suit just about anybody's needs and price range. At no point did I ever feel unsafe, even when walking around during the later hours of the night. It is also a very quiet neighborhood, which facilitated studying.

The landlords were very polite. They quickly answered all of my questions, and gave me all the assistance I required. On my first day, they were nice enough to drive me around town and show me the location of nearby restaurants and stores. They also provided much friendly advice on good places to visit and several good deals in the area. All in all, they helped to make me feel at home right from the moment I moved in.

Living here was an all-around pleasant experience, and I would highly recommend it to any individual seeking a quiet and convenient studio apartment in the heart of Cambridge.
B.T., Harvard Doctoral Candidate - New York

I was a Visiting Professor at MIT, and my girlfriend was at Harvard for the year. We stayed in the full-floor one bedroom with study apartment. The lodging was ideal for us as we did not want to trouble ourselves with acquiring furniture, kitchen utensils, linen and the like, and it really was the case that with a suitcase of clothes, a couple of books and a computer we could start on the year's work straight away.

The street is quiet, but only a short walk from several shops and restaurants on Mass. Ave, many of which we visited frequently. The walk to either Porter or Harvard Square is a shade over 5 minutes. Both have "T" stops and several shops, making the location of the apartment close to ideal.

The apartment is light and spacious, and we enjoyed spending many a leisurely Sunday afternoon overlooking the park and reading the newspapers.
B.G., Visiting Professor, MIT - Bristol, England


This is a lovely studio in excellent condition on one of the most quiet and charming streets in Cambridge, centrally located within walking distance from Harvard Square. The landlords make every effort to facilitate one's stay. I recommend it strongly and without reservation to any scholar/researcher/student in need of a beautiful place to spend a year.
D.K., Visiting Professor, Tufts Fletcher School - Athens, Greece